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A wigger also called poser, is a shortening of white (some say wannabe) nigger. These people often talk about the ghetto but live in gated communities. They act like your average, typical, unedgicated nigger. they are rich little bitches who talk like "Bitch say dat agin an im own pop a cap in yo mo-fuckin ass nigga!" They are hung like squirrels, and are as smart as your average toddler. They often spread hate about other social groups such as emo, gothic, etc. Long story short, they just need to fuck off and die.
Wigger 1: "Yo nigga, you wana see my 5 story mansion? it so gangsta bitch."
Wigger 2:" hellz yea nigga. but first i gotz to go to polo practice. im so gangsta when it comes to ridin horses. I even named my horse tupac."
Wigger 1: aight dawg ill catch yo ass lata
by WiggerHater2008 December 05, 2008
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