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The hottest porn girl ever!!!! The ultimate fuck fantasy.
Leah Luv is so hot I would fuck her until my cock fell off!
by Wifukm Yung February 12, 2010
1) One of the biggest no talent cunts to ever exist!
2) The nastiest skank ho since Madonna.
Christina Aguilera is just another blonde bimbo skank who has no talent and is famous based on MTV type marketing clowns who know they can make money by proping her up in front of a mic and they will make album sales and advertising sales on tv music vid channels - 1) because she will be idolized by a bunch of mindless skank ho's who want to be like her and/or think that they are like her. And, 2) because of a bunch pathetic of horny wanna be cool guy, wanna be tough guy, wanna be gangsta wigger males (who are under the delusion that they are a man) who jack off to her videos.
by Wifukm Yung February 12, 2010
Arguably the skankiest piece of no talent trash to ever walk the face of the earth.
I am disgustingly ugly but I am gonna become famous like Madonna for bieng a complete skank and by taking credit for song that someone else wrote and I recorded with the money provided by a rich smut peddeling uncle of mine.
by Wifukm Yung February 12, 2010

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