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(n.) A derogatory title for a large, dumb, agressive man tanned, often artifically, to a unaturally orange hue. Hobgoblins are often characterised by thier singlemindedness, reckless behavior, hedonistic tendancies, a general lack of concern for others (including fellow Hobgoblins), and egregious orange complexion.

Etymology: The term applied above, in this sense, is borrowed from a fantasy creature in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. Hobgoblins are savage, cruel humanoids who take by force and are just smart enough to form groups for raiding. The fantasy Hobgoblins are identified by a coat of corse orange hair covering thier oversized bodies.
"I was having a good time at the bar until all the Hobgoblins showed up and started fist-pumping."
#tool #douche bag #jersey shore #rage #fist-pump #party #menace #nuisance #drunk #toolbox #ogre #club
by WienerBrigadier August 14, 2010
(n.) The act of abrubtly punching a obnoxious, outspoken, woman squarely in the jaw either during intercourse or immediately after ejaculation before exclaiming "Ayyyyyyy!!!!", mimicing the iconic sound of Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli.
I hooked up with that organge Hobgoblin from the club last night, but she would not shut the f**k up; so I gave her the 'ol Jersey Donzy
#the jersey donzie #jersey donzie #maneuver #jersey shore #jelly donut #fonzy #sex #ridiculous
by WienerBrigadier August 14, 2010
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