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God would be best described as the omnipotent being from which all living things were created. If you were to listen to most of the people on this website giving definitions you would more then likely realize that almost every single definition is biased and therefore should not be listened to. In fact, most of these people say that the Bible should not be listened to because it has been scientifically shown to be false. Yet there are also several things in the Bible that there has been evidence of actually happening. I seriously doubt that any of the people who say that there is no proof that God exists have any serious background in Science and/or Theology. And obviously they don't know what a scientific fact is. A scientific fat is something that can be either disproven or proven. Therefore i ask anyone to put forth evidence that God does not exist. The Bible may be wrong but the Bible was not written by God the Bible was written by Man which, as we all know, makes numerous mistakes. So I plead with someone to show me irrefutable proof that there is no God. I am not a "brainwashed robot" as many people will more then likely say I am. I am a reasonable person who will always listen to reason. So I am here to listen to the actual evidence somebody has that is actually scientificly backed up. Until you can prove that there isn't a God I will i've like there is. Finally, people say that the Church "mugs" people. Yet no church that i've ever been to demands money from worshippers. What these people are thinking of are collection plates which are when a person can WILLINGLY donate money to the church. This money is not passed up to some boss of the all the churches but is instead used for improvements or bills for the Church.
"I would rather live my life like there is a God and find there isn't one then to live like there isn't one and find out there is."
by Why do people hate God? July 10, 2008

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