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Slang Substitution for "thingy". Used occassionally internationally for when the name of an object or word won't come to out of mouth when describing it/them.
"Give me that thing beside you."
"What thing?"
"That... do da there. BESIDE YE!"

"What do you call that do da there?"
by Whu Flung Dung December 27, 2009
The word "order" spoken in certain types of Scottish Accents.

Used by former speaker of the house of commons in the UK, Michael Martin to bring order among arguing or squabbling MP's "Orda Orda!"
David Cameron: "The Prime Minister is useless!"

House of Commons Erupts with "hear hear!" and Laughter

Michael Martin: "Orda, Orda! Allow the pri'minniestur t'answah." (Order, Order, Allow the Prime Minister to answer).
by Whu Flung Dung December 27, 2009
Slang substitution for "boy" used in the countryside around Northern Ireland. Usually used in a greeting,
Greeting- "Awrite, Bai?"

Further Examples, "I was in Starbuck last night, bai. One of the waitresses smiled at me and I says, "Awrite girl?" She says, "Awrite bai?"
by Whu Flung Dung December 27, 2009
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