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Banging a girl dead smack up the ass raunchy style

Hanging out in the "chocolate" shop

Breaking in a fresh piece of ass "literally"
--Just turn them around, and doggy style that ass.-- Not much more to explain about anal
by WholovesdaMonkey March 07, 2005
When someone is acting like a jackass; When someone does something really dumb; (ex. trips over chair, says somethin stupid, cock blocks)

Frustration towards someone
---A guy farts and trips over his own feet--- you point a laugh nonchalantly and say "what a cunt piece"

---Friend bumps into you and is egging you to do something which you sure in the hell don't want to do, just say "stop being such a cuntpiece ill do it when i feel like it"

----Someone throws up on you; they're a cuntpiece
by WholovesdaMonkey March 07, 2005
Have sex with some "PERSON" and wait till they they fall asleep. "when they are asleep" wrap their face with seran wrap, poke a hole so they can breath, and take a crap on their face. They wake up and see Brown (or green pending on 'doers' diet) crap on thier face
Shut up hoe before i glass bottom boat that purty face of yours.
by WholovesdaMonkey March 07, 2005
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