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Originally started out as Who Dat, a chant that's been around in New Orleans for over a century. Fans of the New Orleans Saints football team started using Who Dat as a cheer for their team. Decades later, unoriginal Bengals fans morphed the chant into "Who Dey". They never even get to use the chant since their team hardly ever wins games.
Saints fan: Who dat said they gonna beat them Saints!

Retarded Bengals fan: Awesome chant! We should make up our own version!

Other retarded Bengals fan: I agree, let's do Who Dey!

Retarded Bengals fan: Good idea! Who Dey said they gonna beat them Bengals!

Saints fan: Haha... That sounds stupid.
by Whodatisbetterthanwhodey December 05, 2008

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