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at my school we have what we call the rednecks or hick squad

these people arent what most people define as rednecks.

these people wear redwing boots, hollister shirts and pants, and have really short clean cut hair. yet they are obsessed with chewing and have absolutely NO grammer. Their hobbies are chewing, ridin their brutes (term meaning fourwheeler), gettin drunk on the strip job, listening to country, inbreading, playing sports, video games, making fun of what they call "emo-fags" which to them is anyone not wearing boots or nike shocks. they are all rebels til the day they die. they travel in large groups and will yell something like hey emo fag and when you turn around and say who the fuck say that they just act like it wasnt them because they are only badass on the internet.
vobulary is very small. - hold'er, waaaiiiiilllll, yyeeaaaahh, i aint gay, wail i guess you aint gay, hold dat sonbitch, git r' done, rebel til the day i die, crosser up, gottachew, copenhagen, can i have that bottle when your done, go cut your wrist emo fag, waiiit, holder newt, muh shit-kicks, hail no, you gotcha n' ayuss whoopin comin yur wayee.
normal person-stfu stupid goatfuckin redneck
redneck-waaaaaaaiiiiit i outa whoop yo ass
normal person-meet me at the park tomar after school
next day normal person shows redneck doesnt
redneck- mom! come in here
mother- bahhhhh
by Whoaitsgage November 21, 2007

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