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1 definition by WhoWhat

This is a game based off the best FPS of this decade "Halo1" Halo2 takes place after halo1, which you can't tell until the game is done rendering the graphics, then you can. Halo2 brings a whole new meaning to the word "Luck". Halo2 has a stunning single player campain which will baffle and dumbfound you, well not really in all honesty the storyline is a rush job filled with plot holes and annoying endings. The online portion of this game is plagued by cheaters and exploiters to the point you will just want to scream when trying to play. Also this game has a wonderful community with an avg IQ of 11 year olds. If you want a game that even a 40 year old soccer mom can kick your ass in, then this game is for you.
Playing Poker with improved graphics
by WhoWhat February 08, 2005