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Pornography in which a Japanese woman is forced to diarrhea-blast in the air and eat a man's poop.
Oh man, I saw this Jap-Scat porno on KaZaA where a guy flipped over this Japanese woman and she diarrhea-blasted in the air.
by Whoisthisguy February 17, 2004
The best video game of all time. Yeah, that's right. Better than FFVII, LOZ: OOT, anything you think of. The game was truly a masterpiece. Now, why is it such an excellently crafted work of art that should be placed in a museum? Let's analyze it. First off, the physics are incredible. The game carries a surreal, unrealistic driving style that is actually much better than games that contrast. This means that you can drive through walls, up hills, through bridges, and much more with no issue at all! The developers obviously knew that what a racing game needs in order to be great is the option of free roaming. Every map consists of unlimited space for players to drive around, even letting them go into the depths of nothingness! The music is amazing. I would like to praise the composers of this game's soundtrack, for they are one of a kind. It is varied and memorable. Did I mention it's excellent? The graphics are really well done, in fact they are so well made that they can be compared to the games of today. Another thing to mention is that the game is also educational: it distinguishes the difference between "your" and "you're," by stating "You're winner" whenever you win a race against the commendable AI. Please, if you have some spare money left, go out and buy this game. For some reason, it's really cheap, despite being so- who am I fooling with this? Big Rigs is quite possibly the worst game ever made. When Superman 64 is better, you know you've made an atrocity.
Person 1: Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is amazing!

Person 2: Yeah, I know, right?!

by WhoIsThisGuy June 02, 2012

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