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1 definition by WhoDatmanRP

Despite the seemingly boringness aspect of this small, country town; it wields a small potential for fun. Included is a skate park, various basketball courts, off roading trails, an anual carnival, high amount of blunts, and the new addition - P's .. Oh and I almost forgot the infamous, haunted (also off limits) Belchertown state schools where years ago the mentally ill were to reside at the state schools, and were known to be mis-treated; ultimitately giving the inside a trashed, creepy, haunted appearance. However if its one thing that truly sucks about this town is that not only is there but 2 gas stations, but neither of these gas stations are open past around 9pm - making it difficult to "grab a blunt" and impossible to get gas. Though the town of "B-town" seems to accommodate limitless activities, I can re assure you there is not much here besides Hicks, woods, and marijuana..and master P's
by WhoDatmanRP March 24, 2011