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1. Mangus is a rap group originating in Arlington Heights, Illinois by Obeast and DJP, and was established in early 2011. To listen to a sample of their music, it can be found at either www.facebook.com/MangusPage or www.youtube.com/WhoDaMangusRecords.

2. Mangus can also be used in casual conversation as a pronoun similar to "dude," "homie," "man," etc. It can also be thrown in at random moments to add emphasis to whatever you're saying.
1. "Yo, u hear dat new Mangus jam, 'Icy Veins?' I enjoyed it."

2. "Who da mangus do u thank u is?"

"Ay mangus, we still finna go to that petting zoo later?"

"Oh my Mangus, dassumm huuuugee mangus!"

"Did you just see the mangus on that chick?!"
by WhoDaMangusRecords March 23, 2011
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