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Flokk is an increasingly popular alternative to fuck and fuck wit.

Although it is much less derogatory and meaningful, you get the same amount of satisfaction by saying it.
Censored versions of the word are:
And F*o*k
Lets get the flokk outta here!
Well you've flokked that one up.
Grow up and stop being such a flokk!
Flokk sake!
Flokking hell!
OMFG - Oh My Flokking God!
Mother Flokker!
by WhoAreYa July 22, 2011

A word used to describe someone who is very open and transparent.

Derived from Gorbachev's Soviet policy (Glasnost) that called for transparency and openness from government institutions in the 1980s.
A: "The truth is, I've always loved your brother."
B: "Thank you, for being so glasnostian and forthcoming."

A: "I know, I know. I'm a colossal bitch."
B: "Very glasnostian of you."

A: "Political leader ???? hasn't been very glasnostian about his party's true ethos."
by WhoAreYa May 21, 2014

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