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5 definitions by Who else

One of the greatest actress' of our day. Was 'Sophia' in The Golden Girls.
Let's watch The Golden Girls, Estelle Getty is great in it!
by Who Else April 15, 2005
61 34
1. the state of being a nerd
2. to be "juneho;" to be sexy, nerdy, and RAWR at the same time
God, he's so JUNEHO today.. I think I'm going to melt.
by who else November 16, 2003
5 1
taking a dump on a lizzards chest
I gave a brown grenade to Sruzzosi
by who else September 04, 2004
2 10
Singaporean Teenage Girl Red Team SCGS. Pimply,Smelly and u know...yeah
Thea, Tanya, Miss bay
by Who else June 12, 2003
5 18
steve lee
clooney is the perfect man.
by who else April 28, 2003
1 25