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A sandwhich from McDonalds that contains 2 double cheeseburgers with 2 McChicken sandwhiches in the middle. It contains roughly 1,700 calories. It costs roughly $4 to get. Some assembly is required.
Tommy and Eddie both got Heart Attacks at McDonalds.

After finishing the Heart Attacks in 4 minutes, Eddie and Tommy felt like throwing up.

#heart attack #heart #attack #sandwhich #bad
by Whittaker Crest June 06, 2007
When you get a can of dip(smokeless tobacco), and literally line your mouth with it. It should take no less than half a can of dip.

When you put it all in your mouth, it feels like a ring of fire around your mouth.

It is said that you can't successfully do it without throughing up.
Adam tried the ring of fire and threw up 6 times.
#skoal #cope #copenhagen #huskie #ring of fire #ring #fire #mouth
by Whittaker Crest June 06, 2007
A mediocre splitter developed in the 1980's by the Boston Red Sox pitching staff. The fosh is often thrown by pitchers not capalble or throwing a real splitter.
I threw a fosh and it went 500 feet the other way.
The fosh is a splitter for pussies.
#fosh #splitter #bad #gay #lame #jack meoff
by Whittaker Crest April 24, 2007
Squirelly is another word for turned on or horny. It is derived from squirels or other woodland creatures that have a lot of sex and are always wrestling around with each other. Its meant to be kind of kinky.
girl- "I'm getting squirelly cuddling with you"
guy- "I'm gettin squirelly too"
girl- "Lets go to your room"
guy- "Okay" *Score

#horny #turned on #sex #sexy #ready #hot #horndog
by Whittaker Crest July 10, 2008
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