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The sexual/romantic attention/favors of a Leprechaun, a male who is so in love with himself he assumes that females are stalking him. May also refer to Leprechaun's twin boys down under.
J. is such a leprechaun. He thinks I'm after his Lucky Charms because I tried to talk to him. I was only going to tell him he had a visible booger.
by Whiteroses January 22, 2009
A heterosexual male working in a predominately female profession who is convinced that he is more attractive than he really is because there is no competition. The resulting inflated self image produces a persecution complex wherein Leprechaun becomes convinced that female coworkers are lusting for him and believes that they are always after his Lucky Charms.
I tried to tell him his fly was open but he's such a Leprechaun he assumed I was hitting on him.
by Whiteroses January 25, 2009

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