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The ability to beat off/masturbate with both hands independently.
I broke my arm skateboarding and got a hand and wrist cast so I learned to be ambijerkstrous.
by White Rodney May 26, 2009
the dried pussy juice flakes left behind when your girlfriend has a nice creamy climax and you don't shower
I crashed out after boning Gina last night, so when I got to the gym and took off my underwear dickdruff got all over the carpet.
by White Rodney October 25, 2009
Severe curvature of the booty.
Tyrone: Damn, foo!! Check out that rump on Lashawn.
Reggie: She' got scoliosass!
by White Rodney June 07, 2009
Like it's ancestor the Dirty Sanchez, the Dirty Clamato is when you pull out a girls tampon and wipe her upper lip with it leaving a nice fishy blood mustache.
Dee Dee was on her period so she excused herself to goto the bathroom before having sex. I told her to wait and I would take it out for her and give her a Dirty Clamato. She thanked me for helping out.
by White Rodney May 26, 2009
A girl who exotic looking yet ugly.
Guy 1: Ana Mae is hot. She's half filipino right? Does she have any sisters?
Guy 2: Yeah, man. She has a step sister who's full filipino, but she's kind of ugxotic.
by White Rodney June 07, 2009

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