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This term when used over email, is a substitue for such words as sex,boned, and penetrated. More often than not, invest is used in place of these words to keep The Man from getting wise about conversations that are not clean enough to make it through corporate email filters.
Jim: This chick wanted to invest the hell out of me me she had large assets, but her portfolio smelled like rotten salmon.
Dave: I hate it when a girl's commodities are rotten.
by White Michael Jordan March 15, 2006
A substitue for the word vagina used to keep corporate email clean whilst describing to one's buddies the sexual encounter that you had the night before.
Steve: I dove into this broads portfolio like the salmon of Capistrano flock home.
Rob: Wow, she sounds like a classy chick.
by White Michael Jordan March 15, 2006

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