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3 definitions by WhiskeyTangoFox

While ants (of any color) generally work hard for the betterment of their colony, invariably there will be a group of ants sitting on the corner, collecting welfare checks, and drinking malt liquor. These ants are more predominant in the black ants (Camponotus pennsylvanicus).
a: Look at those lazy nigger ants.

b: Squish'em
by WhiskeyTangoFox December 13, 2008
Similar to I would eat a yard of her shit just to see where it came from.

A chick so incredibly hot that you would poke through her feces to recover undigested corn to eat.
"That Jamie is so hot, I would eat the corn out of her shit"
by WhiskeyTangoFox October 28, 2008
v. To take a normally low to fine grade product and dress it up with the flashiest low-cost adornments possible. Typically used to describe cars that are a piece of crap, but have double their value in lights. A semi (tractor-trailer rig) with marker lights every six inches is said to be "niggered."
Person 1: Yo, loan me $75 so I can put this row of lights on the rocker panel of my car.

Person 2: Fuck off. You want to drive a niggered car, do it on your own dime.
by WhiskeyTangoFox December 13, 2008