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A homosexual person who on occasion will have straight sex.
"That girl is hot, but she is homoflexible: you have to catch her at the right moment to hit it, she usually gets up with girls."
#bi #stray fag #stray dike #fags #dikes
by wheezy302 October 24, 2007
1. When a medical team goes out drinking together, often just the residents and students.

2. In academic medicine the designated time to discuss liver cases.
1. The residents invited the students out for liver rounds, and bought them a couple of drinks as they left service.

2. Cirrhosis is so boring, I am skipping liver rounds today.
#drinking #medical students #medical residents #team activitites #medical education
by Wheezy302 June 04, 2008
1. a tattoo on the small of a womans back, that she presumably likes to be covered with a man's seemen
That girl is such a slut, that spooge luge has all of our names on it.
#tatoos #slut #butterflys #tribal #tramp stamp
by wheezy302 October 24, 2007
n. a woman from a conservative religious community who dresses in long skirt and long sleeves, not being allowed to wear pants or show flesh, and has to wear her hair long but tied back in a bun: can be used to describe Amish, Mennonite, Apostolic Christian, or other weird religions

may be seen in cities occasionally, are more often seen in children's hospitals caring for their inbred children
Doctor: Where did all these long skirt bun heads come from?
Nurse: There is a little Amish boy on 4S with some weird congenital condition.
#amish #mennonite #apostolic christian #inbred #children's hospitals
by wheezy302 November 04, 2007
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