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Verb: to trouze.
To trouze means to leave in astonishment.
friend: "hey, i just got my torso waxed!" you: "Wow that's weird, well, I'm trouzing now."

friend: "Hey look, it's your ex!" you: "crap, gonna trouze now."
by WheelchairNarwhal February 26, 2011
verb: to glaze
to glaze means to flirt with someone, usually of the same sex but not required to still be known as glazing.
friend: "Hey you look really hot in that dress. Dang, i want some." you: "Are u glazing on me?!"

Friend: "Wow you're so good at that, i love it!" your other friend: "are you glazing on her?!?"

you: "dude that guy is really hot, think i'm gonna glaze on him."
by WheelchairNarwhal February 26, 2011

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