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A sweet, shy, often stunning yet insecure young woman. She can be very insensitive sometimes and offends numerous people but if she is told about it then she will always apologise sincerely. Incredibly smoking hot, she would be your typical heartbreaker except she is too nice to break anyone's heart. She has always left all her ex-boyfriends on the best of terms. If you get a Teresa, you better fucking hang onto her because she will get swept up by someone else as soon as you take your hand off her.
1: Hey, did you see that friend of Nadia's?
2: No who is sh- HOLY SHIT!
1: I know right! She's a Teresa, I wouldn't expect anything less.
2: Is she with anyone?
1: No I don't think so- oh wait now she is.
2: Damn.

1: Hey I'm having a Scrubs marathon with a friend tomorrow, you want in?
2: I hate Scrubs.
1: Okay.
2: Which friend?
1: Teresa.

Guy: Dayyyum that girl is bangin
Girl: Oh I know! She thinks she's ugly!
Guy: WHAT! Ugh, such a Teresa.
by whatagirlllll March 23, 2013
A girl who is always effortlessly hot. She has no need for make up but tends to wear it anyway. She comes off as a strong person but her actions are often heavily influenced by others. Tries to jump into relationships too fast. Mariya's frequently fall in love with their closest male friends but when they ask her out she declines, saying that she 'doesn't want a relationship right now' which causes them to ask out one of her bestfriends to make her jealous and then when he touches her in front of Mariya then Mariya gets upset and angry.
1: Hey who's your friend?
2: Oh, this in Mariya.
1: God dayyyum girl! Did you fall out of heaven because please have sex with me
2: Hey hey Patrick put your penis away!!

Mariya: Luuucy, Jeremy's touching Nadia!
Lucy: Well, they are kind of dating.
Mariya: But I like him!
Lucy: What the fuck Mariya he asked you out and you said no!
Mariya: I just didn't want a relationship.
Lucy: Ugh.
by Whatagirlllll March 23, 2013
A girl that is never happy with anything. Nadia's often have fantastic boyfriends and awesome friends but always complain about what they don't have, usually via annoyingly vague Facebook statuses. Nadia's often act kind of slutty and mean to most people she doesn't know well. It is a little-known fact that Nadia's are actually very kind, nice people at heart, and that they act bitchy to mask the pain they feel. If you find a Nadia, stick by her because it'll be worth it when she trusts you enough to be herself.
1: Do you think Nadia is hot?
2: Nahh, she isn't. She's such a slutty bitch.
1: She kind of is, isn't she.
3: HEY! You guys don't even know her so shut the fuck up about her. She's actually really nice and really insecure.

Typical Nadia status's:
1. OMG I hate my lifeeee!
2. Just so over everything.
3. My life is so bad.
4. Why do bad things happen to me??
5. I hate everyone.
6. No one cares about me ever.
by Whatagirlllll March 23, 2013

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