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Whale Punch  /pʌntʃ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation
wha-ale puhn-ch Show IPA

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–noun 1. a thrusting blow, esp. with the fist to the body or surrounding of a whale.

–verb (used with object) 3. to give a sharp thrust or blow to, esp. with the fist directly or indirectly to a Whale.
4. to poke or prod a whale, as with a stick.

5. Informal. to deliver (smack talk, figurativly spoken) with vigor.

6. to strike or hit in operating: to punch the whale; I'm going to whale punch you.
Twenty-Finger Timmy: "Listen Flap, If you dont shut your back alley hooker mouth, I'm going to Whale punch you in your mouth."

Flap: "Hey Twenty-Fingers, You see that whale over there? Yeah, I think he's givin' me stink eye, yeah. If he doesn't quit that stink business, I'm gonna Flippin Whale Punch that Whale right in his stinky business."
by WhalePunch27 July 21, 2009
Someone who is totally over obessed with Spiderman memorabilia.
Oh My God, Kelly, did you see his bedroom??!? Eww, This guy totally has Peter Parker Syndrome! Lets get out of here!
by WhalePunch27 July 20, 2009

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