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St. Mary's Anglican Girls' School is located in Karrinyup, Perth, Western Australia. This school is known for having top academics in Western Australia; However, the girls who get accepted are usually the gorgeous, want to be slutty, dumb ones who have money as well as the quiet, prude, smart, not so weathly ones. Each girl is placed in one of six houses: Craig, Hackett, Lefroy, Riley, Wardle or Wittenoom. Craig wins everything each year so there is no point for the other houses to even try. This school does have a very strict uniform. One has to wear their hair up everyday to prevent lice, the girls are not allowed to have on any make up, they are not allowed to roll their skirts; however, all girls roll their skirts to show more leg to teachers and fellow female students. The real "bad girls" wear the Physical Education uniform for the whole day. Their brother school HALE views St. Mary's girls as

"girls who make up for their lack of intelligence through their wanna-be slutty and bitching behaviors" it is no wonder why everyone hates a SMAGS girl.
"oh my fuckin god heaps of St. Mary's Anglican Girls' School girls are comin this way"
by WhAtThEeFf_MaTe November 14, 2009

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