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A private catholic college located in the northwest part of the Bronx known as Riverdale, which is mainly compromised of Jews. Students are predominantly white, except for the basketball players and are famous for their drunkenness and female drama queens. Mainly know for it's engineering school, there is often competition between the engineers and the other majors because the engineers are jealous they can't have any fun. Food is terrible and most of the cafeteria workers are ex-convicts hired so the school can get a tax break. Where the school lacks in minorities the teaching staff makes up for it (good luck finding a professor that speaks English). Security is sadly retarded and as in the case of the cafe workers, are also ex-cons. Don’t expect a good job once you’re out but weird faces when you answer the question “where’d you go to school?” from potential employers. Overall it’s a good place if you can drink massive amounts of natural light.
Look another drunk Irish getting off at 242nd street, must be going to MC.
by WestSideStaidium December 24, 2004

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