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verb to get knocked the fuck out, usually by a very hard hit to the head (dome)
keep frontin' like yous a thug and get your dome pushed back
by West Orlando February 11, 2004
smoking marijuana or tobacco cigarettes that have been pre-dipped in embalming fluid for added psychadelic perposes.
It smells like death in there because eveyone is eating formaldehyde sandwiches.
by West Orlando February 11, 2004
verb. a hip hop term in which an emcee expresses himself very strong, ie. he raps very well.
yo did you see that cat? he was throwing mad axes son!
by West Orlando February 11, 2004
suburban slang for cocaine
pass the shreesh, before mom comes home.
by West Orlando March 01, 2004
noun. very high quality hasish originating from india or pakistan.
let's smoke the hindi gush mothafucker.
by West Orlando February 11, 2004
a cop who pulls over his car when he sees a group of people in a group rapping, smoking, etc.
look, listen and observe as i watch another c cipher pull my peeps to the curb
by West Orlando February 02, 2004
to get stabbed, esp. in the stomach
He had sex with yo mama? You better jux that fool.
by West Orlando January 26, 2004

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