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The nasty new face of internet censorship. Bans anyone with actual knowledge of a subject and deletes articles about sites that criticise or parodies it. Nothing more than a tool to push the American POV and "American" (lol) English as being the correct form.
Editor-"Mr Wales, why do you ban people who have actual knowledge?"

Jimbo Wales (owner of wikipedia) - "because they upset my legion of 13 year old admins and makes them feel inferior"

by Were all doomed February 05, 2007
Term used by Youtube drama/attention whores to describe people who criticize their videos or don't give them 5 stars. A sad and tired retort used by people whom are very butthurt because they didn't get the fawning admiration they were so pathetically seeking.
Prima - "I thought it could have been better"
Secunda - "ZOMG!!! you are an YouTube hater!!!one11!!"
by Were all doomed February 17, 2007
A nice attempt at a Space themed MMORPG which was going well until it was discovered that the most of the developers were members of the most powerful clan (Band Of Brothers) and were helping them with inside knowledge to give them the upper hand.

Poor graphics, boring point and click interface (you can't actually manually fly the ships in combat) and hours of grinding needed to actually get anywhere.

Players fall into 4 broad categories

1- Hardcore - Spend all their time at their keyboards picking on newbies, sunlight will kill these people if they ever step outside

2- Farmers- Clans that mine repetively to sell ingame money online for real money

3- Drama queens - Like Voogru, who act as quasi-game police hunting farmers (because they desperately want to be admins but no amount of their kissing CCP's arse ever helps)

4- Triallers - those who play the 2 week free trial and realise what epic fail it is and do something more productive with their time

All in all, absolute fail, a game that desperately wishes it was Elite (an old Atari ST,Amiga game) online, played long term by sad lonely people whom one day will wake up and realise it is all just a load of pixels and what have I done with my life?

add to that the no-none can ever be certain that the developers are still cheating makes for a game best avoided.
prima "OMG Eve online is awesome"

secunda "but developers play this and cheat"

prima "OMG UR so gay, EVE is the shit"

secunda "LOL irony"
by Were all Doomed June 14, 2007
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