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A Hong Kong film made by John Who in 1992. A Bloodshed genre film. Starred Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

Many bloody gunfights occured in this film and many dead bodies spawning in almost every single scene.

Like other John Woo's films, this movie also show some bloody slo-mo gunfights, amounts of flying doves, diving move, endless gunfight....so on..

A Badass movie.
Dude 1: I wanna be a Detective Tequilla in Hard Boiled. He's a badass!!!!

Dude 2: Try insert some Infinity Bullet and No Reloading Cheat, then here you go.....

*Stranglehold is a sequel to Hard Boiled, released only on PC, PS3 and X360*
by Wenaldy August 28, 2009

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