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#01: The term referring to the act of operating a firearm without looking at what one is shooting at. Often used in times of pressure from a location of cover or away from the line of enemy fire.

#02: To initiate intercourse (usually in a drunken state, usually in a friend or strangers bedroom, sometimes in poorly lit nightclubs) and attempting attempting to skeet in the dark.
#01: Greg didn't want to get killed so he blind fired around the corner.

#02: Greg couldn't find her face while he and Donna were fucking in the closet, so he blind fired and jizzed in her ear canal.
by Weight-and-Sea March 24, 2009
Usable as bot an adjective or noun, Pretendum refers specifically to adolescent girls who either dumb themselves down in general in order to impress a member of the opposite sex, or who on certain occasions, will just play dumb for attention from their peers.

Christine: She's so acting like Paris Hilton just to impress Greg!
Jacqui: Like, I know! What a pretendum bitch!


Christine: I hate how whenever they ask her to spell words in class that she just says the wrong thing on purpose and does that annoying little giggle thing afterwards!
Jacqui: Yeah, me too. I don't even know why she wants the attentions so bad...
Christine: I do, she's a fucking pretendum.
by Weight-and-Sea March 24, 2009

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