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2 definitions by WeehawkenRules

The act of failing so hard, that it is worthy of being on the failblog.org website. It can also be used as a word to describe someone's life or accomplished goals in which they brag about.(You can not like that person)
Bob:Did you see Ethan failing at Xbox last night?
Max:Dude he failed so hard, he failblog.orged.

Bob:Honestly Max, you just failblog.org at life.
Max:Your a bully =(.
by WeehawkenRules November 04, 2010
A racist term used to describe black people. Derived from early slavery days.

Sometimes this word is used as a good thing describing a person's outstanding athletic abilities, height, dick size, etc.
Alex: Some black person jumped me yesterday while I was walking home. That is the precise reason why I fuckin' hate niggers.
Owen:Look at that kid run, he runs like a nigger!
Bob:The only reason Jahmal's dick is 10 inches long is because he is black.
by WeehawkenRules November 04, 2010