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1 definition by WeedsWatcher

A bourgeoisie male, usually caucasian, who commutes to back and forth to work. They are separate and distinct from the "worker bee", as they tend to create difficulty for other commuters through a sample of the following ways:
1) walking too fast behind other people in the same direction.
2) walking too fast in front of other people in the opposite direction.
3) reading a rag mag such as the Daily Grind, or USA Today, sipping on their $4 1% (NOT 2%) soy-milk decaf coffee, making noise from using both while on the train, bus, or subway.
4) playing Sudoku while seated, to which most of us know it is a crossnumber/puzzle game for idiots.
5) walking with several other white blowjob and bunching up, making it harder to get out of flow of the human traffic.
6) merely looking at them on the way to a destination: their shirts, ties, SPECIAL wristwatch, polished shoe-tips, cufflinks, commuting gait, ect.
by WeedsWatcher June 07, 2006