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When a person doesn't talk about anything else but weed, the last time they smoked, the next time they will smoke, a highdea they came up with when baked, food that tastes best whilst ripped, a paranoia trip they had when intoxicated, how much weed they have on them, their smoking devices, favorite stoner songs or a lesson they learned while blazed. These are usually the type of people who don't really have much experience in toking and think it makes them cool 'cause they blaze up half gram joints, don't inhale and then green out.
Real Stoner 1: Wow, that loser just smoked half a bowl and started coughing up a lung, then ran around telling people to look at how red his eyes are. Fuck, I hate people like that who go around bragging like smoking makes them cool.
Real Stoner 2: I know right? He's such a Wiz Khalifa. Just 'cause you smoke doesn't automatically make you a hardcore pothead. People who smoke just to brag about it aren't cool, they're fags, and wouldn't last two hits off a blunt with a real stoner.
Wanna-be Stoner: Hey guys look at my eyes!!!! I can barely even see out of them they're so low!! Aren't they red? Holy shit I'm sooo baked.. black and yellow!
Real Stoner 1: *sigh*
by WeedWontHelpYouBeCoolIfYourNot March 12, 2012

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