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passing time Googling different people or things or experimenting with new Google features when you really should be doing something more productive, namely working; derived from "goofing off"
Ex. 1: "I've got this huge project at work that I need to finish by tomorrow, yet I still spent the entire morning Googling off."

Ex. 2: "Karl should have been working on his TPS reports, but instead spent the day Googling off by playing with Google Maps to find a Thai restaurant in Bellefonte, Pa."
by WED July 12, 2005
central Pennsylvania greeting; similar to "what's going on?" or "what's up?"
Wyatt: "Yo, Sylves! What the corn, brah?"
Sylves: "Just chillin', brah. Want to play some hoop?"
Wyatt: "Sweet, brah."
by WED June 28, 2005
Another word for god; supreme being. Anyone with this name should be rightfully feared for they are supreme in anything in which they apply themselves to.
by Wed April 06, 2003

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