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A man or woman who is highly insecure , manipulative , lonely , disloyal ,two faced ,shady, perverted, fake ,untrustworthy person who has a " little man " syndrome along with being a narcissist. They would stab they're out friends and family in the back just for the acceptance of complete strangers. They are generally the groups "fool" and butt of everyone's joke but because they are willing to offer they're services and donations people seem to tolerate them to a point. They do whatever they can to get attention even at the expense of others. Also known to lie about theyre social or financial status. Useually dependent on their parents and always taking the handouts in private and condemning it in public. Always taking advantage of the system and people but present themselves as a "self made" "hard working" person who has earned what they have or where they are in life.
So billy ended up finding out his best friend jake slept with that girl Emiley he was dating and really cared about, fucked up thing is Billy always talked to jake about everything he and Emiley were going threw and he used that to brake them up while going for the kill being the shoulder to cry on. . Fuckn Jbagg

Dude lives out of his pay grade , what a j bagg
by WebstersDEF April 20, 2013
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