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It's an overall nice state. Yeah, we have unemployment, and three (maybe four) of our cities were named in the top ten with the most crime in the U.S. But have you seen our beaches? Our sunsets, oh wow. And people think it's boring and horrible, etc, etc. The people are generally nice, and even though it's freezing, it can also be hot. Our spring is one of the nicest around. And yes, we have FOUR seasons, and even though I want to move to Cali later in life, MICHIGAN will always be my home. So the Lions suck right now. They're getting better! The Pistons are good, the Red Wings are good, Michigan and Michigan State are nice. So our gov't has had some problems (okay, a lot), but so does the national gov't. So we might be country people, for the most part, but you can tell the difference between our city people and our truly, truly country people. And guess what else? We can drive in ANY conditions. So beat that.
Commercial: come and visit....Pure Michigan
by WeLikeItHere December 27, 2010

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