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A Nord in Elder Scrolls IX: Oblivion, who teams up with other Nords to form an alliance, or street term "gang," and use their superior abilities to reak havok everywhere they walked.

Gang Name: The "Niyeougaus"
Ay ay what's gooood niyeougau?

Pronounced: "Nee-yeah-guh"

(Funny way to say nigga)
by WeInThatA%& November 18, 2010
When a man's face is level with a womans butt, and the man pries a womans butt hole open by clamps on opposite walls pulling each butt cheek in opposite directions, and inserting a lit Black & Mild of your choice into the rim of her butt hole and taking a puff. And to continue the night smoking through her anal cavity.
I dun just gave that shawty the black and mild, cream flavored mufooka
by WeInThatA%& November 18, 2010

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