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1 definition by WeBeMateys

Bueno Para Saber abbriv'd! ("Good To Know!"; "GTK") BPS is a catchy and versatile abbreviation, rendering it a must-add to your hipster vocab! BPS can be used with many prefixes and suffixes, can act as any part of speech, and works best when used with significant and exaggerated intonations.
"OMG did you hear about Alice and Tom?!" "Oh yeah, BPS, right?"

"Listen to her run her mouth! She's BPSing all over the place!"

Man: "If you come back to my place, I'll show you a good time."
Woman (rolling her eyes): "Yeah, BPS."

"On a scale of one (1) to BPS, I'd give it a BPS!"
by WeBeMateys May 24, 2011