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Not much known, but he/she was right behind Zezima for a while, then was #1 for a couple days, but ATM, is ranked 36. He/she maxed out cooking and fletching, and is ranked 2 in both.
N0valyfe's hunting lvl isn't even ranked. Probably quit rs.
by WeAllHate Z November 29, 2006
A sub-noob. Worse than a noob. More idiotic and stupider than a noob. Someone you want to stay away from at all costs.
lil_kittygirl84: OMFG I HAVE A QUESTION!!!
Me: yea? and can you not talk in all caps?
lil_kittygirl84: HOW CAN YOU GET MONEY???
Me: In rl? and can you not talk in caps? PLEASE?
Me: Then press it again -.-
lil_kittygirl84: HOW? W/E. YES, REAL LIFE.
Me: *cough* nub *cough*...Graduate from a good college and get a job.
lil_kitygirl84: HOW DO I GO TO KOLAGE?

At this point, the best thing to do now is walk away...
by WeAllHate Z November 28, 2006
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