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A homosexual fearing, bible thumping, Tom Brady bandwagon cock riding black Star Wars nerd who posts on several message boards.

Starkiller, also goes by Will's Julia, Chessmaster, and Darth Cadeus.

Apparently Starkiller has died and was actually brought back to life. Yes he actually said this:

"As far as me...I was dead and pronounced dead; Funeral arrangements were already being made. But guess what happened? My pastor (a Bishop) prayed over me and here I am...still among the living. Now mind you, I didn't need for that to happen in order for me to believe...I was already a born again Christian prior to that. I have had all kinds of hell in my life and have spent the majority of it in hospitals...and being a human being of course I had my doubts at times cause I was wondering how could this happen to me...I was 10 years old and had everything going for me: Basketball, football, taekwondo, a wiz in school, shit everything. But that one night changed my life and my family's life forever. 8 years of hell with dialysis with constant hospital stays for all kinds of medical reasons from hypertension to seizures. I can't even count how many times I've been on the operating table."

He is a troll who can not be stopped even by death apparently.
by We.Own.You.Noobs March 27, 2009

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