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-(n.) the act in which a female who is menstruating stands over the torso of her lover and sheds her blood, tissue, and unfertilized egg onto the neck of her partner, adorning him with a collar that resembles a necklace made of rubies.
Tanner was unaware that clots were released during menstruation until Jessica gave him a ruby necklace at the Rugby party.
by We do it for the B's and J's March 29, 2008
-(n.) a fear possessed by straight males of sleeping in a bed with other straight males due to the possibility that while sleeping, one of the males will become aroused and his penis will leap over and attack the other male who is sleeping.
Although Blake did not want to sleep on the hardwood floor, he was overcome with circulo de muerto and would not allow himself to sleep in the bed with Brian.
by We do it for the B's and J's March 29, 2008
-(n.) the point after which you have been over the toilet with some form of intestinal disturbance and feel as if you are recovering from a war because the anal explosion was so violent; until this feeling passes, you are often in a state of uncertainty as to whether another outburst will occur.
Jason made Laura wait on the couch outside his room for 15 minutes prior to their routine workout. Laura was confused as to why she had to wait outside Jason's room until she heard four flushes of the toilet, at which point she realized Jason was in fear of a tic tock boom.

Brian and Caitlyn had planned to study Q-chem one night before their test. He told her he would meet her shortly because he had to run to the bathroom. When he showed up 20 minutes later, Caitlyn knew Brian was experiencing a tic tock boom.

by We do it for the B's and J's March 29, 2008
-(v.) to take the virginity of, or "pop the cherry" of, someone who is at least four and a half years your junior
Blake went to have lunch with his daughter at UGA one Friday afternoon. Later that night he went downtown to Buddha bar trying to pick up girls by saying, "I have a daughter your age," because he wanted to totsie pop every pretty young face he saw.

Brian misused his authority on the lifeguard stand by making nice with the tan young girls during adult swim. He totsie popped several of them in the break-room after his shift.

Jason went on a camping trip with his friends and got completely plastered. Suddenly, no one was able to locate Jason or his friend's little sister who had tagged along because he was totsie popping her off in the woods.
by We do it for the B's and J's March 29, 2008

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