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A term that most Asian-Australians (or most Filipino-Australians, to be more specific) don't fully understand.

1. To Filipino-Australians, being a teeny bopper usually means that your wardrobe consists of checkered scarfs, checkered cargo shirts, extremely tight pants, nike basketball shoes, vests, polo shirts and those Godawful plastic glasses with no actual glass in them. They also always have 10 containers of Gatsby (a gel/wax thing to style their hair to be cool) or gel of equal or more stickiness. Further on, they are known to flock to fad dance styles like C-Walking and Shuffling and they also take pictures of themselves every 10 seconds with their 0.1 megapixel cameras.

Strangely enough, being called a teenybopper (or TB) is considered a critical insult to the teens of the Filipino-Australian nation to the point where they complain and type up about becoming suicidal on their tumblr pages or facebook.

This definition (and the fact that it's being used as a unisex term) be utterly incorrect, but they are too ignorant to see that.

What it really means is:

2. A teenage girl who religiously follows the latest fashions and pop music.
1. Person: Hey, you're a TB Filo!

Filipino-Australian: *cries, complains to friends about it, goes home and goes on tumblr to talk about suicide, cries some more eats nothing, updates facebook about suicide, sleeps*


2. Person A: Man, she's a definite teeny bopper.

Peron B: I wonder where she gets the money to buy all those new clothes and CD's, don't you?
by We[are]legion June 21, 2010

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