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1. The place where you get into automatically if your secondary school education cost more than 15,000 / year. Thus, the logical extention of an elite prep school education.
2. The only college in the world who publishes a full-sized book of drinking songs.
1. Dude, you hear? Another kid got into Yale. It's like Waynflete Upper School Pt. II
2. Let's bust out the beer bong and sing "Drunken Heaven while in New Haven"!
by warspite April 19, 2005
As an abstract, that which is wider than it is long - the difference between a water tower and a reservoir is that the former is taller than it is wide, and the later is a chode (or chodal). Derived from the Hindi word 'to fuck (violence implied)', then used as an insult (hence 'fucker'), and only then given the special destatuatory property of 'a penis (which is wider than it is long)'.
Sandy is chodiferous - she only likes to eat guys with chodes.

My doctor was going to recommend these pills for penis enlargement, but when he saw my chode he called surgery immidiately.

Marlon Brando is... like... a human chode... dude.
by Warspite October 14, 2003

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