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Chelmsford County High School For Girls, otherwise known as CCHS, is an all-girls grammar school in the South East of England. Despite most classes being rowdy and generally unproductive, it somehow gets extremely good results.
CCHS girls typically spend at least half an hour every morning at the bus station or outside KEGS, where they get their only taste of boys.
There are many cliques within the years, and generally one "outsider" in the class, who make no effort to talk to, let alone make friends with anyone else in their class. There are often disputes within these cliques, and in this situation everyone in the class has to 'choose a side'. These arguments usually include a few people in tears, while others comfort them while bitching about the others.
Most girls in the school attempt to bend the uniform rules, however the teachers are especially harsh about the length of the skirts. Typically, a conversation between a teacher and a girl with an apparently short skirt (these teachers really want to go to Duke's if they want to see a short skirt) goes like this:
Teacher: Is that skirt rolled up?
Student: Ummmm, no.
Teacher: 3 infringements.

The rather queer method of lying about whether your skirt is rolled up or not is very popular at CCHS, however almost always fails.
At the beginning of a new year, all girls feel superior to the lower years. This leads to younger students feeling completely alienated. Stereotypes of the years include:
Year 7 - Huge blazer, skirt past knees, bag the size of Bancroft, awful haircut
Year 8 - Just discovered KEGS, pop socks, shorter skirt, too rowdy for their own good
Year 9 - Too cool for school, dragged away from the boys at discos by teachers, sometimes try smoking, stressed about IT GCSEs
Year 10 - Just don't care, really bad fake tans, stressed about exams, hated by most teachers
Year 11 - Oldest in uniform, very intimidating, shout at younger years if necessary
Year 12 - Sometimes get lost, which brings much amusements to others, very enthusiastic.
Year 13 - Never want to leave, no one ever wants them to leave.
by WannabeChavNerd July 15, 2009

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