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3 definitions by Wangaclese

A person who is unbelievably cool, especially in areas such as hair and appearance.
person A: Woh that guy is so cool, he's LC Kool.
person B: I think that's a bit over the top.
by Wangaclese October 07, 2006
The supremest form of RPS 3, on top of rock, paper, scissors, there are fire, water, air and sponge. Often used to resolve disputes about day to day things and the rights to corpses. Should be played best 3/5.
Scott: I win, I got 2/3, jimmy's corpse is mine biatch.
Lewis: Its always best 3/5.
Scott: Damn you, international rules of rps 7
by Wangaclese October 07, 2006
A person who is terribly up themselves and believes the universe revolves around their hair. Especially when their hair isn't that great.
Plural skennards.
That hair dresser over there is full of skennards.
by Wangaclese October 07, 2006