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The short version of "Cradle to Grave", esp used on Ebay in the feedback section to delineate the time between winning an auction and receiving the item.
Positive feedback left for Walterwego on June 27th by Lizengarde reads as follows: "CtG 6 days, Thanx".
by WalterWego July 10, 2008
Backyak is the general background sounds of a baseball game watched on television. This includes the chatter of the fans punctuated by vendor sounds, organ music, broadcasters, umpire declarations, and occasional clapping, cheers and groans by the crowd.
Moose enjoyed baseball games on TV very much, although the backyak of the game would often lull him to sleep.
by Walterwego April 12, 2009
An excessive use of swear words, especially as in the HBO series "Deadwood". This overuse of swear words can result in a average of one or more swear words in each sentence.
"I just finished the first season of "The Wire" on DVD," said Dad. "It's really great stuff, though the street use of so many F words and other swear words was a bit much at times".

"Oh, that sounds like Deadwood swearing," responded Tai. "Meh"
by Walterwego April 29, 2009

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