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Breasts that are cup size D or larger which would require the partner of the owner to use two hands when handling them individually.
"Dude, I fucked UP! I cheated on Sarah and she wont return my calls!."


"Sarah. She had two handed titties."

"Damn. You Suck."
by Walter Phillips November 19, 2011
An ugly person without any romantic value that is not in any part in your social circle that you can just experiment and exercise your dating and sexual abilities in private with and without it insulting your dating reputation.
"Dude, why is he with that fugly chick"?

"Oh, that's just his crash test dummy. He's warming up for his date with Elizabeth".
by Walter Phillips October 29, 2011
Jumbo breasts that resemble those which belong to the stereo typical full figured dairy farmer.
"Why don't you date someone your age?"

"Dude, cougars rocking whole milk drive me up a wall!"
by Walter Phillips November 19, 2011
When someone is committing a lengthy amount of time masturbating to online content.
"Xavier, you gonna come out with us tonight?"

"Nahh, I got work in the morning. I'mma be choking the mouse tonight!"
by Walter Phillips November 11, 2011
Small Breasts that do not resemble the stereo typical dairy farmer with the hourglass figure.
"Hell no Olga cant be a barbie! She needs a lot more than two percent up top to even try!"
by Walter Phillips November 19, 2011
Is a holiday, started in San Jose California USA, August 13th also known as bald day is a day that was created to support those whom have to go through chemotherapy. Participants of Bald Day will show there support on August thirteenth by either wearing a plastic bald skull cap or for the hardcore shaving all the hair off their head in hopes of spreading awareness for those living with cancer and or anyone needing chemotherapy for medical treatment.
Stephanie: Why didn't you just wear the skull cap on bald day?

Taylor: My mom has breast cancer so I thought I would shave my head on bald day so she knew she wasn't alone.
by Walter Phillips May 13, 2013
Breasts that are C cup size or smaller and that can be easily handled individually with one hand.
"Dude, I don't care if Emily's got one handed titties. Her face is fucking beautiful!"
by Walter Phillips November 19, 2011

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