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*FLEX* is a phrase you type into poker chat boxes that indicates to the opponent your great strength, and the impending doom they face unless they choose to fold, leave the table, shut down their computer, and stick the monitor into an industrial trash compactor.
pokeraces has 7 seconds to act.
Notjitsu: *FLEX*
pokeraces folds.
pokeraces has left the table.
by Wally McMillan February 04, 2008
The dark art of Internet Fighting. The technique of claiming great feats of wealth, intelligence, strength, and sexual prowess on internet forums despite not actually having wealth, intelligence, strength, or sex. This is done to one up fellow internet users and claim a position of dominance over them and hopefully garner yourself much deserved attention.
You can bench 600 pounds eh? You must study Notjitsu.
by Wally McMillan December 14, 2007

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