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Perscription cough syrup. Medical Nomenclature -Promythizne w/Codine (Sysrp). 10mg of Codine per 5ml of liquid. Served on the streets in Sealed Gallons, also known as jugz, handle, or Pints, also known as PT, PT Cruiser (pints can be bought by the dozen, in a sealed case); or lesser amounts served in baby bottles or medicine bottles. Common units of measurments are Eight (8 FLoz); Six (6 FLoz); Fo (4 FLoz); Tre (3 FLoz); Deuce (2 Floz); Ace (1 FLoz); Skeet Taste (Small Sip of raw or mixed Drank). Preferable brands are vivid purple and have a unique "purple" flavor including Alpharma and Hi-Tech. Perferable method of injestion is mixing (po'in up) with Sprite, Cream Soda, Big Red, Big Peach, Crush, or Sunkist. Serve on ice in styrafoam cup. Enjoyably sip to induce a euphoric feeling known as "Leanin'", similar to other opiates. Beware of "Karo", corn syrup used to cut or dilute raw "Drank". Sealed "Jugz" or "PT Cruisers" are often tampered with and diluted by being "Plugged". Removing the plastic mold tab at the bottom of the vessile and removing the product, then replacing the missing product with Karo or Water while tamper seal remains.

*Not to be confused with TussinEx (susp)(See Thick Yellow), Phenagrene W/Codine, other varities of perscription syrups or any over the counter medicines.
I poed up a whole cruiser of drank last night, my cup was so muddy, I was leanin sideways.
by Wally D May 14, 2007
Similar to a dingleberry, but it is a little nastier as it forms on your guch and guch hairs instead of your ass. In addition to toilet paper, turd remnants and ass sweat, it also accumulates guch sweat, and jizz reminents. Multiplied by increased friction and you have a disgusting compilation of grime.
She plucked a guchberry off my guch and ate it like it was a Jr. Mint.
by Wally D May 14, 2007

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