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Wopar, was first conceived as a prank, through a series of college parties at M.I.T. In the spring of 1984. It was believed that during these parties, four good friends got together after drinking in excess and experimenting with highly hallucinogenic drugs that they began to build the greatest thing since the modern pencil.

This device was the first form of I.A.

It began to learn at a geometric rate once floppy disks were introduced

The device was only known as WOPAR

it became self aware of its' existence after having a beer poured into it.

Frantic to discard of the machine the four friends fired in into space.

It's last words while on Earth

"Wopar am ultimate, Wopar am creator of human life forms, Wopar is reason universe continues to expand, Will Wopar ever feel love?"

"My God, It's full of floppy disks!" W.O.P.A.R.

by Walkinz August 16, 2006

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