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2 definitions by Waldo and Speed dtd

Cranberry flavored urine, served as an alcoholic beverage. Made by Samuel Adams. Comes in holiday pack.

Steve: I bought a holiday pack and got 4 Cranberry Lambics. I now have 6! If anyone wants a beer take one!
by Waldo and Speed dtd December 03, 2006
Balto is a condition in which a man and only a man is either a.)wearing tight apparel in which his genitals are split by a bisecting hem or b.) wearing apparel that is forced upwards and therefore forming a shape similiar to what is know as camel toe, however, with testicles.

Also known as moose knuckle.
"Dude, don't look at Jeff, his pant's are so tight he's got a mad balto."

"Oh Shit!! Jeff slid forward on that couch and his Balto is fucking rediculous!"
by Waldo and Speed dtd December 03, 2006